At Your Place !

A SPA AT HOME ?   fleche

A cosy Spa moment at your place in 8 steps:
1.Create your account by filling out the Subscription Form  1 (This is done one time)

2. Order a treatment as many times as you want using the Booking Form 2. You can check the availability of each expert on the schedule.

3. The team Home Spa management will get in touch with you to confirm your appointment.

4. Your expert will go to your place with the essential equipments to make you enjoy a Cosy Spa moment at home.

5. Once at your place, the expert will create the Home Spa atmosphere: We will only need a calm houseroom to install a table, thick towels, warm candles, relaxing music and natural scents

6. Live an outer moment, alone, with your partner, or your friends, in a comfortable and private context at your place.

7. Taste a well-being Home Spa drink, Enjoy the privileged moment of the after treatment according to your own rhythm without any confines: Remember you are just at your place!

8. Well-being never ends! As quietly as he came, the expert Home Spa slips off leaving behind slight natural fragrances that extend your pleasure.

For anyone, the Spa environment, a sweet atmosphere of well-being at home.