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Well-being is always with you: Enjoy Aquaflores quality of life wherever you are..

SPA MENU Escale, treatments à la carte: Massages, nutrition, slimming, health check-up, personalised programmes, coach, Aquabike, Bio beauty, ski..

Aquaflores Spa therapy programmes and Escales are divided into 4 fields, the 4 Synergies of well-being: Sport & Santé, Beauté, Minceur, and Sérénité.

To make your search easier, we have categorised the Escales in each Synergy.

AQUAFLORES EVENINGS:Create your Cosy HomeSpa: Start with 50 minutes of personalised Aquawellness (focused on your back, slimming, training for ski, vitality, young mothers, pregnant women…) followed by a rejuvenating massage at the edge of your pool.

THE WHITE CRUISES:Well-being treatments (9 treatments) for Back healthcare, Slimming, vitality, young mothers…The unique experience of Croisières blanches experienced in a comfortable way in your chalet, they are revisited, modified and personalised more than ever to suit your home and satisfy your own objectives.

PACKAGES WEEK END and DAY SPACreate your own day or weekend Home Spa: Découverte, Pretty Woman, Ski & Spa, Slim Cimes, Senior Alpin, Beauty Mariage, Pack Morning, Zen Altitude, Oligo Minéral, Golf & Spa... Your goal is a personal matter !

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BONUS   fleche

Sport & Santé MiniGroups : starting from 2 persons.

HomeSpa Duo: Share an Expert and express treatment: 25minutes each at a serene price

Malin: Flores Time (from 9a.m til 3p.m in winter) offers preferential prices.

Gift : Bons Cadeaux (Gift vouchers) Choose the Home Spa surprise or Home Spa at preference and offer a treatment, a coaching or a massage at home.. Make somebody’s day!

V.I.P. : Rent an aquabikes  "Vélo Instant Perso" from 3 days, for a complete week, for a month... Pricing: please get in touch.
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Nous avons le souci de toujours optimiser votre satisfaction. Dans le but d'exalter votre expérience, nous avons pris le temps, pour vous, de créer un guide des massages. Vous pourrez ainsi choisir l'Escale adaptée à votre état de l'instant.

Dans le même esprit de transparence et simplification, retrouvez le guide des MiniGroups.