Home Spa (beta)
 Senses at the heart of healthcare expertise… just in your chalet!

THE CONCEPT   fleche

Exclusively at your place !
Home Spa, the custom-built health spa comes to you!
Find in your chalet, a private pool, a room hotel, a flat or a residence…
The very essence of our massages and Well-being activities.

Born facing the Mont Blanc, Aquaflores uses its skills in water and plants science to preserve your health. Its certified organic packages 100% natural and active take effect at the heart of personalised treatments.
Our packages go beyond the limit of age, gender and personal situation to make you enjoy the pleasure of senses at the heart of healthcare expertise.


Aquaflores offers you a variety of ideas. We want to share and make you enjoy them

Our aim is to satisfy you with our ideas. We will make you discover HomeSpa en avant première to give us your feedback! your opinion will contribute to the improvement of this Beta Version

When the trial version of HomeSpa becomes satisfactory, the “final release” version will replace it and will smoothly evolve.
Do not hesitate to regularly visit this page to discover the last news of HomeSpa!

Home Spa Beta